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Pregnancy can be a time of limitless possibilities. A woman can for the sake of her unborn child do things that she wouldn't have been able to do...

Publicerad av Redaktör den 6 September, 2018 - 12:10
Normal förlossning

Towards the end of the pregnancy it is normal to feel some contractions on and off. Sometimes it can be hard to know if they are practice contractions (...

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To bring
Bring clothes for yourself and for your partner/labour support that enables skin to skin contact with the baby. That is,...

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  • Redan vid inskrivningen vill vi motivera dig som aldrig eller sällan tränat din bäckenbotten att komma igång och du som redan är en van...
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 Almost 4000 babies are born each year at BB Stockholm. Giving birth is a unique and momentous experience in life. All births are different. We want you to...

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