Aftercare visit at the midwifery clinic

Aftercare visit at the midwifery clinic

BB Stockholm Family offers a visit approximately 4-16 weeks after birth.

Approximately 4-16 weeks after having given birth, all women are invited to an aftercare visit at the midwifery clinic (barnmorskemottagning). If your midwife has not already booked an appointment with you at the end of your pregnancy, please call us to schedule an appointment.
At the aftercare visit, we follow up on the birth experience, breastfeeding/feeding, wellbeing and contraception. If you wish, the midwife can perform a gynecological examination.

Pelvic floor exercises (PFE)

The pelvic floor consists of a group of muscles that run from the pubic bone towards the coccyx. The pelvic floor creates support for the pelvic organs and is there to help control urine, faeces and gas. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor is not as strong and can be affected in a way that can be compared with athletic injuries. The pelvic floor is impaired due to hormonal impact, the weight of the child and the vaginal childbirth.

It is important that you, during the pregnancy, start doing pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, in order to improve tone and function. Studies show that prenatal PFE reduce the risk of vaginal tearing.

You will also benefit from continuing the PFE after having given birth. You can start as soon as you wish after the delivery, as soon as you are not in pain. It is equally important whether you give birth vaginally or by Cesarian section.

For more information about pelvic floor exercises, download this PDF

Do not hesitate to contact your midwife if you have further questions.

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You can reach all our BB Stockholm Family midwifery clinics at telephone number 08-120 555 00.

Digital video appointment with a midwife

You can book consultation with a midwife via video link. Before the video call, be sure to have access to Mobile Bank-id.


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