When the birth starts

When the birth starts

Towards the end of the pregnancy it is normal to feel some contractions on and off. Sometimes it can be hard to know if they are practice contractions (Braxton Hicks) or the beginning of labor.

The contractions one can experience in the late stages of pregnancy are so called practice contractions. They are sporadic uterine contractions that are usually felt in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Braxton Hicks contractions are often infrequent, irregular, and involve only mild cramping. They come and go without regular intervals and without becoming more frequent and more intense. This is unlike the contractions that signal the start of birth. These contractions start mildly and further apart and grow more and more intense and more frequent as time goes by, until active birth is established.

While you are still at home we recommend that you try to rest as much as you can. You can use heat packs or TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Some midwifery clinics have them available for rent or they can be bought at the pharmacy (Apotek). Taking a shower or a bath can give both pain relief and relaxation. It is also a good idea to eat and drink at this stage since a lot of energy is expended during labour.

Stay home for as long as you feel safe and comfortable. if you have questions, you are always welcome to call us on 08-12357888 to get advice from a midwife.

If your water breaks, call us. We recommend that you come in for a check within 8 hours if everythning is normal in the pregnancy. In case of bleeding, call us. When labour starts you can experience a small bleeding, up to a tablespoon in volume.

At BB Stockholm, you and your partner or other support person, will always recieve individualized attention in a homelike environment. When you arrive at our clinic we will read your birth plan and we will create a strategy together with you. During your labour a midwife and a nurses aid will work together in a team with you and your partner/support person. Obstetricians and anesthesiologists are available at all time. Our goal is for you to feel safe and have a positive experience here with us.

Welcome to BB Stockholm!