Visiting the midwife

Visiting the midwife

What happens in the first visit with your midwife?

In the first meeting with your midwife we talk about your pregnancy, your health, about expectations and concerns that you might have. We talk about nutrition, exercise, drugs, alcohol and prenatal diagnostics. Along with the midwife you will set up a care plan for your pregnancy. If you need to see a doctor, we help you book an appointment as soon as possible.

Some of our midwives work at BB Stockholm with birthing and postnatal care in addition to their hours in the antenatal care clinics.

Please print the health declaration form and bring it to the first visit to the midwife.

Pregnant after IVF or egg donation. Now what?

For those of you who became pregnant after IVF treatment or egg donation, you might have been under great stress, especially in the period between the embryo introduction until the day of the pregnancy test. Most studies show that the need for support is greatest in early pregnancy when there might be a fear of miscarriage. Couples with infertility problems experience more worry and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth.

As soon as you have found out that you are pregnant, you are welcome to book an appointment with us.

If you are in doubt, are anxious or feel lonely

A positive pregnancy test is not always easy, good news for everyone. You may be in doubt, have a life situation that is difficult, or you might be single. It is important to not be alone with your thoughts. There are people who specialize in helping others in your situation. You can always start by talking to a midwife, for help with whom to turn to.

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