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Practical information

Practical information


To bring
Bring clothes for yourself and for your partner/labour support that enables skin to skin contact with the baby. That is, clothes with opening in the front such as a soft shirt or sweater with a zipper (the white hospital robe that we provide you with is only used during labour), slippers, toiletry, and, if you want to, portable speakers to play your favorite music.

Parking is available outside the entrance. Please pay for your own parking in the meter located by the parking lot.

We have free Wifi and will give you the password when you need it.

Please let us know of any food allergies when you arrive.

Length of stay
First time parents with a normal birth and a healthy baby are offered to stay two nights while women who have previous experience of childbirth often leave earlier. We will of course create an individual plan based on how the family is feeling and how well breastfeeding has been established.

Each new 24 hour period cost 100 SEK from the time you arrive at the clinic. Your partner/labour support person is charged 700 SEK/24 hours from the time the baby is born. Food, towels, sheets, sanitary products and diapers are all included free of charge during your stay. We don’t accept payments in cash but welcome card payments. It is also possible to get invoiced for the cost of care and postpartum stay.

It is not allowed to take photographs or record video of staff or patients without their expressed prior consent.

Instagram and Facebook
We encourage you to follow us on social media and tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook: @BBStockholm, #bbstockholm, #bbstockholmstories